The Perfect Workout Music Playlist

The Perfect Workout Music Playlist

How can science help us create the perfect workout music playlist? Find out the answer by reading this short article!

Science has shown us again and again that listening to music during your workout can greatly boost your motivation and make you work harder during your exercise routine. It feels easier, and psychologists have stated that music could be thought of as a “type of legal performance engaging drug”. However, building a perfect playlist is not simple, so here are scientifically proven tips to create the perfect workout music playlist!

The Tempo (BPM)

Moving in time with music is an unconscious exercise that can lead you to change your patterns and effectiveness of a workout routine. Determine how fast you wish to move, and choose the song to go with that workout accordingly. How do you measure the timing of music? Through BPM! That stands for beats per minute, and the higher the number, the faster the tempo of a song will be. For example, the BPM of the song down here is 100, making it better for warming up.

Energizing Melody and Lyrics

Not only does the rhythm have to be uplifting; a good workout music playlist also has mood boosting lyrics that make you feel motivated to strive for more. Think about the Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”: would you ever dream of slowing down during your workout while listening to this song?

Personalize and Structure Your Playlist

Finally, remember structure your perfect workout music playlist the right way. Start with a slower tempo while warming up, and gradually rise in intensity to keep yourself stay motivated. Think about the songs as a whole, not only as single pieces!

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to create the perfect workout music playlist according to scientific reasoning. Now create your own and go hit the gym!