The Secrets to Better Sleep

The Secrets to Better Sleep

The Secrets to Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you may experience disorders and problems during the day. Read this article and find out about new ways to sleep better.

Did you know that a sleepless night can cause many negative effects on your body, including an increased blood pressure, slower reaction times, and higher risk of diabetes? On average, you should try and get from seven to nine hours of rest on a daily basis. There are many people in the world that have trouble sleeping, and can rarely meet this very important goal. Here are some facts and tips you can follow in order to sleep better at night.

Foods that Cause Sleeplessness

We are what we eat, you know! Our food has a greater influence on our body that you would believe. Among the foods that you should avoid before going to bed we find, obviously, alcohol and caffeine. Other less known foods that cause sleeplessness, however, include spicy foods and chocolate. Spicy foods can in fact cause heartburn and indigestion, whilst chocolate may contain caffeine and stimulants which risk keeping you awake.

How to Get More Sleep

There are several little sleep tips you can follow in order to improve the quality of your repose. Start by removing all electronics from your bedroom: they can distract you. Right before going to bed, you can enjoy a small snack such as a yogurt or a banana. Do avoid heavy carbs if possible!

The Power of a Power Nap

Do you find that the hours of sleep you get per night are not enough? Try a power nap! For a rapid fix of energy, napping has been proven to increase productivity and reduce stress. Many famous people are known to be big fans of naps, including Einstein (who would often sleep in his chair while still holding a pencil) and Napoleon, who would fall asleep on his horse in between battles.

Sleep is good for you! Make sure you get enough of it every day, and if you have trouble sleeping even after following these tips do not hesitate in consulting a doctor to find out if your disorder could be liked with other conditions.

The Best Sleep Music for Children

Are you not looking for a way to fall asleep yourself, but for an effective method to help your child fall asleep? Check out some of the best music ever created for toddlers, born from the mind of Baby Sleep Through the Night, one of our most prominent and popular artists. You can find his complete discography over HERE.