The twittering of the Uirapuru and the classical music of Bach and Haydn

The twittering of the Uirapuru and the classical music of Bach and Haydn

 A German and an American researchers find out great similarities between the singing of the bird of the Amazon and two famous classical composers.

It’s a little bird with a strage name, Uirapuru. It’s elegant and seems a little bit posh, perfect for the ducal court of the 18th century. Why am I saying this? Because this bird, known as “Cyphorhinus arada”, has the characteristic to twitt with armonic intervals of octave and fifth, like the ones in the compositions of Bach and Haydn.

The research

The research of the singing bird specialty with the musical twitter comes from Henrik Brumm, German researcher from the Max-Plack Ornithology Institue of Seewiesen and his American collegue Emily Doolittle, from Cornish College of Arts.

Written in notes, the frequency of the twitter seems like the initial melody of the second movement  of the Symphony 103 written by Joseph Haydn, and also the beginning of the Fugue XX in A minor of the Johann Sebastian Bach “Well-Tempered Clavier”.  Listen to some example in our album “Music for Dreaming” –> and choose track n.19 as an example of online classical music for relaxation.

Without knowing this little colorful and talented bird follows the path of some famous classical music, or we can say that it could be all the contrary.

As the researchers explain, this doesn’t mean that the birdsong is like the classic music created by the human beings, but the Uirapuru played a basic role in the mithology and art, also inspiring brasilian composers and musicians, like Heitor Villa-Lobos, who dedicate to this bird a ballet music called “Uirapuru”. –> Ansa

As we know, nature sounds are fundamental in the field of new age music, because they can give a sense of relaxation immersed in nature directly from natural sources in their normal soundscape.  Water and rain sound, or birdsong, too are closely related to new age world and relaxation music, sometimes they can even replace the music.

If you’re a little bit skeptical I suggest you to listen to this….. music!