This is Halloween Party…. Ideas??

This is Halloween Party…. Ideas??

What does the word Halloween mean? Why is the pumpkin so famous?? Why do we wear Halloween costumes and walk along the road playing trick or treat? Many times you live celebrations and traditions without knowing where they come from, well I do… guilty!!!

As Halloween is about to come, I decided to look for the answers and them I’m telling you why… I don’t want to bore you with dates, history and characters of a far away past, but this is how things have gone…

According to the legend, the wandering spirits of those who died in the years, come back on the night of October 31st looking for a new body to possess for the next year. The Celts, afraid of the spirits, used to extinguish their fires in the fireplaces and to put on horrible masks, wearing scary costumes of monsters, so the spirits didn’t come inside their houses, but rather they flew away.

The Romans have their practice, too.

But as the time goes by, the fear of being possessed vanished, too and what we can see nowadays is a drove of children and, just for one night, crazy people, that fill the streets dressed like vampires, witches and colorful zombies, going from house to house asking for “Trick or treat?”.

Today the night of Halloween has taken a different meaning from its origins.

I think, many people celebrate Halloween dressing up as a moment of escape from their daily routine. You can be a ghost for a couple of hours, imagine to eat and drink disgusting food, live as jack o’lantern did, with a smiling carved pumpkin as the only light of the night.

I’m saying this because it happened to me… Well, I have to admit it… Last year it was the first time of my life that I celebrated Halloween wearing a costume… In fact for the first time ever, I put on some make up, wore a cloak and went to a party at my friends’ house with other people that I didn’t know… well I actually don’t know them… and they don’t know me.. That night they knew a vampire.. one of the scariest one… another me!

I didn’t acted like another person that evening but in some situations I found that I could win some fears, some of my limits… Oh my god… I’m looking for the darkest side of Halloween!!! 😉 – 29 days… Ready to gooooooo!!!! What do you think?