This Springtime, Learn How to Bloom Where You’re Planted

This Springtime, Learn How to Bloom Where You’re Planted

This Springtime, Learn How to Bloom Where You’re Planted

Spring has always been a season of rebirth. Just as she strolls into view – that lovely additional amount of daylight, flowers blooming before your eyes, the palest pink of cherry trees – you begin to wonder: “Who do I want to be? What seeds of new beginnings can be planted?”
But maybe those questions bring along unpleasant feelings. It becomes somehow harsher to accept compromises when everything but you seems to be blossoming. Perhaps you wish you had a new job, or that you lived in a different place, or maybe that the right person was by your side. We’ve all done it. And somehow it becomes natural thinking that you should always be somewhere else than where you are right now.
You should definitely keep your dreams alive. They define who you are. Celebrate the small victories and keep looking for opportunities to make them come true. Still, realize that sometimes dreams take time. And in the meantime, instead of becoming a bitter, hardened person, why not try blooming where you’re planted?

There’s Always a Next Step

Even if the situation you’re in right now is not ideal, it’s just a chapter of your life leading you to the next one.
I was stuck in a small and yet somehow Dickensian town, lacking the motivation to study for the degree program I chose. Still, that experience taught me to make decisions and to live by them. It taught me that I was responsible for my own happiness. It taught me how to deal with hardship.
So, you can either curse your life for taking the wrong turn, or you can look at your situation as a lesson. How can it help you become who you want to be? What can it teach you? And then, take the initiative. Explore ways to make your job more enjoyable. Seek out culture, arts, or whatever suits you near your place. That dreary city I was talking about? I actually enjoy going back there from time to time for jazz and journalism festivals.


Start Your Day with the Right Questions

To blossom, you can’t wake up every day thinking “Why does my life suck?” It takes just that simple question to suck out all of your energy. It’s the start of a negative feedback loop that is just leading you nowhere fast. Instead, try asking yourself “How can I show up as my best self today?” Just setting the right attitude about how to love, talk or work at your best today will open up many creative possibilities that you wouldn’t otherwise dream of.


Cultivate Your Relationships

After spending all winter with a laptop on your legs to keep yourself warm, go outside and breathe the fresh, crisp air. Enjoy the sunshine by connecting with new friends, or by spending some quality time with the people in your life. Not everyone is meant to stay, but before divesting, fully invest in your relationships. Remember that giving your 100% is necessary to create successful partnerships. And sometimes, when we’re dealing with anxiety and with the fear of missing out, it’s really helpful to take notice of who’s there to care for us. Gratitude is the key to open you up to the possibility of blooming right where you’re planted.

I love spring. It helps me keep an open, relaxed, calm attitude. I make a point of bringing flowers and plants in my living space. And I always feel a new, vibrant energy in my life. So, to help you bloom right where you’re planted, here’s a playlist that I made with spring in my heart.