Tibetan Music Therapy with Spiritual Music Sounds for Zen Meditation

Tibetan Music Therapy with Spiritual Music Sounds for Zen Meditation

Spiritual music, nature sounds and all other kind of zen meditation mantras to get in touch with your healing spirit. The singing bowls are known to help you find you self acceptance and as relaxing music for your mind.

This is the description of the music video that I have choosen today, satisfying my will to get in touch with this ancient object, which is the tibetan singing bowl. I bought one tibetan bell once on a fair from an Indian stall. The seller showed me how to make it work and he explained me the different uses of this instrument.

The video you’re about to watch and the music you’re listening to are a mix of trascendental pictures combined with nature sounds and this continuous tinkling of the bells. As you can hear, there are different bowls played on the sound of water. The bigger the bell is, the lower is the sound that it produces, and vice versa. It is known that the sound of the tibetan singing bowls is used for therapeutic purposes and to induce a state of trance, ideal during mindfulness meditation for chakra balancing and as relaxation techniques for anxiety and depression.

The bells are originally created melting the 7 planetary metals: silver for the Moon, iron for Mars, mercury as the name of the planet, tin for Jupiter, copper for Venus, lead for Saturn and finally gold for Sun. That’s the reason why ancient tibetan singing bowls were so precious and mystical.

Listening to this music, as we can call it so, you walk through distinct state of the water element. The river, the flowing of a stream, the rain and after a storm, comes a calm… the sound of the countryside and in the end, the music.

Download this music from the link below

  1. Colleen

    Beautiful sounds

    • RLion

      Thank you Colleen, I really appreciate! 🙂

  2. Ron H Ferris

    Your efforts to create something beautiful has literally saved my life…my serious insomnia was only remedied by your zen video. I remember it around 2 million views and was so proud of you when surpassing the 10,000,000 views…and so many subscribers

    I am a professional photography that also knows beauty..i love all narure, but mostly pets…i specialize in cat photography and have many of the rarest shots the world has never seen…yet…if you email me i will send you some originals as a gift from mt heart for helping my…let me blow your mind with some of the most amazing photographs around….rf. 780 221 9381 also…i own a sabertooth cat, …maybe more vampire..but gorgeous to say the least…and all 3 rescue cats are professionally trained and what i have goin is a one time event. Keep spoling the worlds pets with your music too

    I can also send my cats watching your videos

    Im opening my channel soon and will let you know

    Whats your name… Ron or CATMAN friends call me..

    Thx xoxo

  3. rafael

    helloU like this kind of meditation music, I like ralax my mind and can help another ones…. thanks a lot

  4. Andreas Wins

    Woh I like your blog posts, saved to fav! .

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