Top 10 Relaxing Music Playlist 2016 – Part 2

Top 10 Relaxing Music Playlist 2016 – Part 2

Top 10 Relaxing Music Playlist 2016 – Part 2

Let’s continue our journey across zen meditation music, going to complete our new free relaxation music playlist that we started yesterday. If you’ve missed part 1 you can click here to listen to position 10 to 6 of the most relaxing music of 2016 β†’ TOP 10 RELAXING MUSIC PLAYLIST 2016 – PART 1

Let’s move on with position n.5

05. Spa Music 101

Are 101 songs enough for you to relax, soothe the mind, meditate, practice yoga and fall asleep? Find out by listening to this successful album on iTunes! Relax with the ambience typical of wellness centers and hotels, and feel as if you were on vacation once in a while… You can play the preview of the album clicking on the cover below and see it on the iTunes store.

relaxing spa music online

04. Cherry Blossom Garden

The best zen music for buddhist meditation; oriental sounds from Japan that will help you soothe your anger and to relax during moments of anxiety. Life can be really stressful sometimes, but it’s up to you to look inside you and find the peace you need to live a serene life. Remember that stop for a while and have a little rest doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. Conversely, relaxation and sleep are necessary to face the day with renewed energy. Play this music video and let us know what you think about it and which are the effects of this music on you.


03. Meditation Energy

Get the energy you need to fight off negativity. “Meditation Energy” is the newest album by Meditation Relax Club which includes some of the most relaxing songs ever created; 50 mindfulness meditation tracks that creates a true masterpiece that will lull you into a wonderful state of melancholy and serenity. We recently talked about this album in one of our previews blogs (MEDITATION ENERGY) and this new creation is now availbable on iTunes at a very special price. Feel free to listen to the preview of these songs which are very suitable for meditation sessions, yoga class or simply to relax in the evening with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Click on the cover below to access to the iTunes store.

meditation energy

02. Sleep Music Delta Waves

Delta Waves are extremely powerful frequencies that help you fall asleep. We could not avoid including them in our relaxing music playlist 2016. Have you ever tried them? Among the different examples on our channel we choose this video to be at number 2 of our chart.

01. Tropical Meditation

Finally number 1! At the top of our playlist we chose to have an amazing Spotify Playlist created by Meditation Relax Club. Surround yourself with soothing southern ambience, foreign atmospheres for an escape to exotic shores. Let the rain sounds of an amazon rainforest be of comfort on sad days, and let the energy of nature flow through.


Let us know what you think about this relaxing music playlist and tell us yours!


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