TOP 7 Celebrities Who Practice Yoga!

TOP 7 Celebrities Who Practice Yoga!

TOP 7 Celebrities Who Practice Yoga!

Hello guys! How are your holidays going? Got some time to read an article about famous people who practice yoga? Then go right ahead!

Your favorite star may be a yogi, you just didn’t know about it! Many celebrities have been taking up yoga as not only to carry out their regular exercise, but also to care about their emotional health. Find out who they are by reading this surprising list of famous people who practice yoga!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Although she admits she is not a morning person by nature, Gwyneth Paltrow says she tries to wake up early just to practice yoga. She has been quoted to have said that its effects are amazing, and that it has changed her life for good!


Jennifer Aniston

Yoga is the secret to Aniston’s extremely healthy body. Thanks to exercise, she was able to land several important acting roles; she claims she turns to yoga to physically and mentally prepare for anything.

Russell Brand

When he’s not occupied making people laugh, Russell dedicates himself to all sorts of β€œinteresting things” such as kundalini yoga and transcendental meditation.


Justin Timberlake

Justin and his wife Jessica Biel like to take a couple of yoga classes during the week. They have often been photographed enjoying regular exercise out in the open while on vacation!

Gisele BΓΌndchen

Supermodel Gisele not only does regular exercise to stay in top form, but also stays in shape physically and mentally thanks to yoga. She started to practice yoga when she was 12, and now that’s she’s all grown up she likes to couple it with healthy eating and meditation every morning.


An old school celebrity yogi, Madonna has been busting yoga moves on stage across the years! Just try playing one of her old performances and see if you don’t recognize some poses every time she dances or moves around.

Robert Downey Jr.

Everyone goes crazy every time a new Iron Man movie comes out. But did you know that Tony Stark is crazy about yoga? His story is amazingly inspiring, as the man used yogic practices and meditation to overcome his addictions and get his life back on track!

Here you go! Seven amazing stars that like being mindful. Did you enjoy this famous people yoga article? Come back for more next year! 2017 is almost over, but don’t forget to spend these last days as mindfully and happily as possible.
Namaste and happy holidays from Meditation Relax Club!