Top Relaxing Music Playlist: Best Relaxation Songs November 2014

Top Relaxing Music Playlist: Best Relaxation Songs November 2014

Looking for the best relaxing music playlist for November 2014? Here is our personal Top 5 relaxation songs for this month! You can listen to them for different purposes, like relaxing or sleeping, but new age music is also good as study music, inspirational music, spa music and much more. Thanks to its great variety of musical instruments it has become the most apreciated music for soothing both mind and body of the listener.

Please enjoy my relaxing music playlist for this month!

Number 5

Healing Rain Sounds with Relaxing Meditation Music Long Video

A peaceful background music playlist that fits a rainy autumn mood. One of Meditation Relax Club’s most soothing videos ever.

Number 4


autumn music for meditation

An album that perfectly sums up the atmosphere of falling leaves on a cloudy day.

Number 3

A relaxing music playlist you can listen for free on spotify. Includes music by Shakuhachi Sakano, one of the best relaxing music gurus.

Number 2

Rainforest Music – Soothing Lullabies for Relaxation, Relaxing Sounds of Nature Background

Let us escape from the gloomy skies, and let the sound of the rainforest embrace us gently. Here are relaxation songs from another continent.

Number 1


More rain (would not be autumn without it), but a fresh, more appealing approach to the sound, adding flutes to the calm sound of drops falling.

I hope you enjoy my November 2014 best relaxing music playlist. Share the music if you like it!