Visual Meditation: How To Do It

Visual Meditation: How To Do It

In meditation, the mind concentrates when the body relaxes. Different types of meditation require more focus than others. Read on to find out how to meditate properly through visual meditation.

What is visualization meditation, and how does it work? Both meditation and visualization are powerful tools that you can use to enhance your consciousness and awareness by focusing your mind. The main difference between the two is what you concentrate on when becoming aware.

Visualization meditation in particular is based on shifting your focus on an object rather than yourself. For example, you can concentrate by gazing at the flicker of light of a candle or water flowing, and enter the same state of mind you would during your normal meditation. However, visual meditation presents some unique benefits:

1) First of all, it gives you the opportunity to choose the image upon which you will concentrate. You can close your eyes and imagine any scene, object, or person to help you gain a relaxed state without needing to possess it. You have an unlimited number of images in your repertoire, and can choose what makes you feel most relaxed and at ease.

2) Internal images are more powerful than external ones, as they are directly linked in our mind to the state they represent. By producing the image in our brain, we eliminate the extra step of internalization through which some energy would be lost.

3) You can further develop your skills, and learn how to meditate properly by using visualization meditation on a regular basis.

I hope you found this information on different types of meditation useful. For more tips on how to learn to meditate, check out the rest of my blog!