Walking Meditation: Learning to Meditate While Walking

Walking Meditation: Learning to Meditate While Walking

There are countless types of meditation out there; today, we will explore walking meditation, the art of meditating while walking!

What is walking meditation, and how do you do it? It is a form of meditation while in action, meaning that you are active during the experience of movement and mindful while you focus on our awareness. Instead of focusing on yourself while sitting, you must focus on the process of movement.

Meditate while walking can be extremely simple for some, but very difficult for others. There are different types of meditation you can do while walking, buy here are the points they have in common. First of all, you must keep your eyes open during the whole meditation. Some people find this part challenging, as you must constantly deal with visual stimuli that may break your concentration.

You can walk slowly, without changing your pace, keeping your attention on your feet. Be aware of how your foot hits the ground, and of the way your body changes at each movement you take. Move your mind across your body, just as you would with all other types of meditation.

When practicing walking meditation, it is best if you choose a silent and peaceful spot such as a beach or a wood. If you live in the city, leave everything behind for the day and become one with nature. Here is some relaxing music from our YouTube channel that can help you get in the right state of mind: