Ways To Be Happier: Find Happiness With These Proven Methods

Ways To Be Happier: Find Happiness With These Proven Methods

Finding happiness is not always easy. It can take days or you can stumble on it by noticing a detail while walking on the streets. Here are some simple proven methods to find happiness.

There are many ways to be happy. Some are more effective than others. Some of them require a lot of effort, but do not give as much satisfaction as others which are much more simple. The list below will explain 8 scientifically proven ways to be happy; use this graph to help yourself decide which ones are the most useful and simple to achieve.

how to be happier


A study in 2011 showed that thinking about something that makes you smile actually makes you happy. Remember that fake smiles do not work; they will not let you find happiness.


In a similar way to smiling, laughing makes you happy as it relieves stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety.

Enjoy Some Tea

Appreciating some of the small pleasures in life can shift the brain’s negativity bias and rewire it to think positively.

Pet A Puppy

Caressing a pet stimulates the left side of the brain, that is associated with happiness and pleasure. You give a little bit of love to your dog or cat and he/she will give you love back!

Listen To Music For Relaxation

Listening to relaxing music calms your heartbeat and makes you improve your mood. Here is an example:

Take a Nap

Being sleep deprived affects your happiness levels as well as your performance. Once you take a nice nap, you will be able to give your 100% in what you do.


Meditation has been proven to be linked with lowering symptoms of depression and helping people that have trouble sleeping.

Go On Vacation

The anticipation of leaving for a trip boosts your overall happiness for weeks. Plan a vacation ahead of time and find happiness thanks to it!

We hope you have found this list of ways to be happy useful. Enjoy the music for relaxation, and head off to our youtube channel for more.

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    Very good tips … but I think the most important is: Sleep MORE!

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