Ways to Relieve Stress: 5 Steps to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Ways to Relieve Stress: 5 Steps to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

‘Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things’.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Do you often find yourself wondering how to stress less?  No matter how hard we try, it can often be very difficult to focus our attention on the smaller pleasures in life. We tend to place undue stress upon ourselves, whether it be financial, relationship problems, or work related stress, and this in turn clouds our mind and does not allow us to focus on the now.

There is joy to be found in every single moment of the day, even in the most menial of tasks. Just how can we relieve stress and enjoy the little things? For our own sake, it is important that we try our best to focus on maximising our enjoyment of the day to day moments that we might not see as important. There are many ways we can become more mindful, learn to channel our thoughts and simply enjoy the task at hand. Creating a good sleeping pattern is key, as well as a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Additionally, below are five simple ways we can stress less and learn to enjoy the little things:

Focus on three good things that have happened

We all have bad days, and some bad days can become bad weeks. Perhaps you are stressed at work, and cannot get this off your mind. When unwinding from a particularly bad day, try to jot down three good things that have happened. They might be the smallest of things, like a smile from a stranger. Practicing this method can help you become more mindful, relax you, and can help create a good sleeping pattern.

Allocate your ‘stress’ time

There are always going to be aspects of our lives that cause us stress and worry. Allow yourself 15 minutes in the morning to write down what it is that is stressing you. Try to work through various solutions in your mind, as well as worst case scenarios.

Be present

When was the last time you can really say you were fully present in that particular moment? Were you scrolling mindlessly through your phone or allowing yourself to stress about unrelated things? It is important to be fully present in all situations, and allowing yourself to really absorb what is going on around you.

Its ok not to be busy

Many of us try to fill every moment of our day with tasks. It is important at some points to simply do nothing and to be left alone with your thoughts-you shouldn’t be afraid of this. You’ll soon have an idea of what is really stressing you, and you then have a chance to address this.

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Be your own best friend

Be kind to yourself, no matter what. We all make mistakes, some big, some small. Constantly running through regrets and past mistakes over and over is toxic for your mind. Be kind to yourself, what advice might you give your best friend if they were in this situation?