What Do You Know About Chakras? Learn to Balance It!

What Do You Know About Chakras? Learn to Balance It!

What Do You Know About Chakras? Learn to Balance It!

Did you know? The word Chakra means wheel. Chakras function as points of connection between different regions of our physical body where our glands are located. If we are emotionally and physically healthy, communication between our chakras and subtle bodies works well. Otherwise, there is no harmony between the various levels and dimensions of our being.

Everyone has heard about aura, a set of energies, which have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. It is formed by some layers, which vibrate at different frequencies. Everything, in this life, functions in these levels of frequencies and vibrations, presented by these “bodies”. You can improve the vibration and frequency of your bodies through meditation, energetic baths, massage, acupuncture, yoga and all that involves global health.

The first level, the most basic, is the physical level: vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell are the instruments we use to explore this dimension of existence. There is also another body, which we can also consider from the physical level, which is the etheric body, which has a lower density than the physical we see.

The second level is the emotional: the vibration is higher than the physical and the emotional body extends beyond the physical. So our emotional experience passes through the physical, but goes beyond it. We know that fear affects the kidneys and stomach, that the heart expands in joy and contracts in sorrow, but our emotions and feelings are even recorded and are expressed through the emotional body. With this body, we touch other bodies, without having to touch them physically. In this body, we leave aside the logical and intellectual processes.

In the third level – or mental – we vibrate even faster than in the emotional and this body extends to others from the desire to communicate. When we get excited about learning something or when we express our thoughts or vibrate with enthusiasm, our mental matter flows in waves out of our physical body. This is the level that expresses the sixth sense, our extrasensory perception, telepathy. The ideas, the symbols, the stories and everything that has to do with our mind expresses itself from that level. Through it, we affect our health, change our destiny, attract and push away situations and people into our lives.

The fourth level, the spiritual or causal. In it, the vibration is very high and reaching it is the goal of the people who seek enlightenment. Some people can reach this level for a few seconds; therefore, remaining conscious on this level is almost impossible. At this level we find the Universal Consciousness, the Cosmos, the Great Intelligence, the Great Teacher, God, whatever name may be given to this depth of consciousness. When this state is reached, even for a few seconds, we reach a source of love that is never exhausted. We find universal shelter, spiritual companionship, and true joy and contentment. When we can build a strong spiritual aura, we have a natural protection.

More balanced we are, greater is the contact with other levels and dimensions.

For example, if you have a locked or very open chakra, you run the risk of losing energy, someone else can suck out your energy, or you can extract energy from the environment or people’s emotional state. This is why balancing it with the dimensions of our being is important!

During meditation, for example, you can deliberately control the opening of chakras by increasing and decreasing the energies that flow into it. This way, you protect, save, and retain important energies for yourself. In meditation, which is a form of communion with the various levels and dimensions of our being, we quiet our minds and can come in contact with higher energies and forces. This contact is reached through our chakras.

There are some very effective exercises to achieve a greater balance between our chakras and the various dimensions of our being. However, the imbalance is the result and not the cause. Meditating helps find the causes and exercises help in balancing and maintaining overall health.

Try to practice it daily and you will feel the results immediately. If you have troubles with visualization, put your hands on the points of the body where chakras are located to stimulate the increase and decrease the energies on them.

If you are looking for a meditation practice to balance our chakras, this video could help you! Through this zen healing music sound therapy, we will achieve harmony between our chakras and dimensions of our being.