WHO is Meditation Relax Club?

WHO is Meditation Relax Club?

Meditation Relax Club is the name of 2 young Italian composers and producers of new age relaxation music with nature sounds for a worldwide audience of listeners who travel through the digital arena of high quality music. One of the top-selling iTunes album producers in the world, the artistic duo draws from classical relaxation music influences like Liquid Mind and new age stars as Enya, Vangelis, the Greek Pianist Yanni and Ludovido Einaudi.

The aim of their work is to give people who listen to their music and sounds, a sublime state of relaxation and to guide those who practice meditation through a path of positive thinking. The main characteristic of their music is the use of simple intruments, such as piano, flute and cello combined with real sounds of nature, recorded in some of the most suggestive and evocative places of Italy. A journey through the endless hills of Tuscany, the sound of waves crushing on the Mediterranean coast and the high snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites.

Meditation Relax Club promotes also studio experiences for the study of mind process throght the use of binaural beat and delta, beta and gamma waves, to improve brain power.

It’s in October 2012 that the first album “Live peacefully – Ultimate meditation relaxing music playlist is presented to the iTunes audience.

The love for musical composition and holistic practices led Meditation Relax Club to reach the success into the world of relaxation in a short time, becoming author and artist of a kind of music, really closed to people and their mind.


At the end of November, Meditation Relax Club recorded its first Christmas album Christmas Lullabies: Best Christmas Songs & Relaxing Music, which contains well-known Christmas carols and songs proposed to the audience in a soflty and magical new age key.

Meditation Relax Club is all over the world with three foreigner albums, two French music products with zen music for meditation and a Spanish version of concentration music for music therapy “Musicoterapia: Música para Concentrarse y Estudíar (Beta Waves)”.

In September 27th 2012 Meditation Relax Club started with a new project on the net. A Youtube Channel called as the name of the club, Meditation Relax Club, that nowadays counts more that 100 thousand members, 150 thousand views everyday and 7 top playlists, becoming the most popular youtube channel for new age relaxing music ever.

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Live Peacefully – Ultimate Meditation Relaxing Music Playlist

– Musique Zen: Musique Relaxante, Meditation et Bien-être, Jardin Zen et Yoga

– Study Music: Brain Power, Concentration & Focus on Learning

– Sleep Music: Bedtime Songs

– Bedtime Songs: New Age Sleeping Music

– Music Therapy: Study Music & Concentration (Beta Waves)

– Musicoterapia: Música para Concentrarse y Estudíar (Beta Waves)

– Christmas Lullabies: Best Christmas Songs & Relaxing Music

– Zen Meditation: Relaxing New Age Music

– Well Being: Inner Peace Relaxing Music

– Deep Joy: Relax & Zen Meditation, Flute Music for Relaxation, Massage, Peace and Calm

– Well Being: Calm & Peaceful Music

– Pure Relax

– Mandala 7 Chakras: Zen Music for Chakra Balancing & Relaxation, Buddhist Meditation Music & Peace of Mind

– Mandala 7 chakras: Musique zen pour yoga des chakra & détente, meditation buddhiste, kundalini & hatha yoga pour le bien-être

– Wellness: 60 Zen Relaxing Nature Sounds Music for Pilates, Yoga, Reiki & Qi Gong, Flute & Piano Music for Peace and Calm

– Serenity: Nature Sounds Relaxing Music


At the beginning of our friendship and artistic relationship, we realized how important music was for our general well-being and state of mind.

We decided to use our knowledge and personal experience with music to help other people to relax and live in a better state of health.

Music can really make the difference in our lives. The power of relaxing sounds, instrumental and natural, has been confirmed by science and music therapy is now well-known as a holistic healing to reduce everyday stress and help us to calm and sleep deeply.

We’ve been doing Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki and other holistic disciplines for years and we conceived our music even for these practices.

We hope to reach your souls with our songs, to guide you in your relaxation and meditation, to achieve your body mind connection and inner peace.