Why Crying During Meditation Is Perfectly Ok

Why Crying During Meditation Is Perfectly Ok

Why Crying During Meditation Is Perfectly Ok

Have you ever felt like crying or even cried during a meditation practice? Meditation is an emotional rollercoaster: crying during meditation indicates that there is unresolved sadness and sense of loss in our body that await the opportunity to be released.

Meditation is not just a time for relaxation, where you teach the mind to calm down. It also can provide us with the space and opportunity to release these buried emotions. Meditation acts in the depths of our being, acts on the subconscious, also activating and clearing the chakras. Then we are expected to move our sentimental universe, bringing out emotions, feelings and enhancing our sensitivity.

As Osho said «Through tears you will know how to see. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing truth. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing the beauty of life and the benediction of it».

The experience can be so impactful that we sometimes feel the need to cry, either during meditation or when we bring the practice to a close. And there is no problem in this. The tears are very beautiful and show the overflow of your being, your soul and what is deepest in it.

But why do we cry during meditation?

There are many reasons. Most commonly, a very deep cleansing has been done on the subconscious. We have many beliefs and patterns that we have brought over from our childhood and even other lives, but they are dormant and hidden from our rationality. So we are surprised, because we cannot always find the origin, the reason for that emotion. Meditation clears all these patterns, beliefs, fears, guilt and sadness. It unlocks energies, heals wounds and trauma, tears can be the process or the result of the process. Anger is also a hard-working aspect of meditation that causes catharsis most of the time. When we internalize anger, we are pouring into us feelings that will be fed with the most harmful feelings and will hurt us in the future. Pushing emotions under the rug comes at a price.

So when you are in meditation and you feel like you are about to cry, do not stop that impulse. Let it flow, let the emotions run out, let the feelings free to just be. Do not try to control yourself, do not rationalize the situation, as it will certainly affect the cleansing and healing that is currently working on you. Rejoice and be grateful for the blessing you are receiving and let the experience happen.

Crying during meditation is ok: let the emotions run out. Traumas, emotional wounds or simply a stimulus of emotional sensitivity can happen during practice. Let it flow.