Why Do We Cry During Meditation?

Why Do We Cry During Meditation?

Why Do We Cry During Meditation?

Is it normal to cry during meditation? Well, crying during meditation is perfectly fine. Quite frankly, I shouldn’t even be stating this. But I recognize that it can feel quite intense and overwhelming, and it’s natural to ask why do we even cry during meditation practices that should supposedly make us feel happier.

Release Repressed Emotions

Let’s start by stating the obvious: we live in a repressive society. Of course, some kind of emotional discipline is an essential part of growing up. All too often though, we’re not taught strategies to face those emotions. We’re given ways to suppress them. When dealing with dark emotions, we try to stuff them back down by drinking, watching Netflix, or doing something else. The thing is that they will then keep popping up unexpectedly – like during those 10 minutes you’ve decided to dedicate to meditation.
But there’s some good news: crying when meditating can actually free you of some of the emotional baggage you’re hauling around.

But Why Does It Make My Cry?

Interestingly, crying tends to come up only after a few meditation sessions. Our very first experiences with meditation feel so calm and relaxing, a much-needed break from the usual chaos in our monkey minds. And then, the calmer we feel, the more we start to see our emotions.
After all, what are we doing in meditation? First and foremost, we let go of the breath. And then, with time, we learn to see our emotions and in seeing them we let go of them too. For some of us, this will naturally lead our pent-up emotional energy to suddenly express itself in tears. And remember, if we don’t address that energy, then it just stays within us. That’s when we start to feel unwell, our hidden emotions taking over us.
So don’t question those urges to cry. Just allow the feeling to flow. Your tears are there to remind you of the tension you’re letting go of. For what it’s worth, I’ve often heard from my meditation teachers that unless you’ve sat on a meditation cushion and cried a number of times, you haven’t even started to meditate.


Crying During Meditation. What Does It Mean?

You may ask yourself if there’s any meaning to be found in those tears. Ultimately, finding the answer is up to you. Discovering and making sense of what you feel can be a challenge. But there are tools to help us identify what’s cooking beneath the surface and I can’t recommend therapy enough. But if you can’t afford it, don’t believe in it, or prefer to figure things out by yourself, meditation can make you present for a feeling that you couldn’t be present for before. And there’s great value in that, even if us thinky types will inevitably try to grasp some conceptual meaning out of it.

Healing Through Catharsis

If you feel tears during your meditation practice, allow yourself to have this cathartic, cleansing experience. The following guided meditation can help you heal the traumas you’re hiding within yourself. Let it flow.