Why You Should Start Meditating During the Holidays

Why You Should Start Meditating During the Holidays

Why You Should Start Meditating During the Holidays

During the holidays, things may get a little bit hectic. Planning trips, cooking dinners, dealing with parents can all be very stressful. You can cut down the holiday stress by planning these things ahead of time, but – let’s face it – it’s still an emotional minefield.

Learn to let go

You may build up unattainable images of what the holidays should be. Forcing yourself to recreate that perfect holiday bliss can be exhausting. You look at how things are and you may end up thinking that they’re not meant to be that way. If you can’t be with your loved ones – maybe your grown children can’t come home or someone close to you has recently passed away – you can’t just force yourself to be happy.
There are however some tips that can help you manage and release holiday stress.


A great way to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by stressful feelings is meditation. Soon after waking up, put on your favorite meditation music, close your eyes and relax. Imagine being among Tibetan monks or listen to chirping Japanese birds. Try to achieve peace and calmness. Just focus on your breath: slowly inhale and then exhale. Doing this takes you out from the situation, frees your mind from toxic anxiety, and lets you release stress. A 10 minutes morning meditation can do wonders for your wellbeing.


Keep meditating to release stress

During the day you may be stressed out by challenging interactions with relatives. Everybody has that relative that just can’t help herself or himself from being petty and hurtful. When you’re feeling annoyed you don’t have to be passive, but trying to re-center through meditation can help you be more compassionate. Take a moment for yourself, cut away the drama, and start meditating. Breathe out the bad energy you have built up. Even a few minutes can help you continue through your day without resorting to brawling.


While making sure almost everyone gets along and scrambling to get everything done will always result in a certain amount of tension, start meditating with the right music and you’ll manage the holiday stress more effectively. Don’t forget to listen to our curated playlist: it’ll help you relax without losing the holiday mood.