Why You Should Start Meditating With Your Partner

Why You Should Start Meditating With Your Partner

Why You Should Start Meditating With Your Partner

There are many factors that can lead to a marriage or relationship breakdown: overworking, worrying about children and anxiety from one partner are just a few examples of the problems that may ruin even the strongest relationship! This is why having a practice that can nurture this relationship, calming the mind, balancing the emotions and strengthening the love for each other is important. Thanks to it, the couple grows together, and the challenges of daily life are easier to face. In order to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you should start meditating with your partner!

To play on an old saying, Couples that Meditate Together, Stay Together.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation does not need to be lonely. While this is the most common image we have of this practice, it is possible to share the benefits gained from it by shifting focus. This means that during a couple meditation, the focus should be on the bond between the two. Couple meditation consists of looking at the inner self of the other, not just your own. The goal is to see the partner behind the habits. It sounds complicated, but the key is simplicity: often sitting in front of your partner in silence while holding your hands and breathing calmly is enough to stop the rush of everyday life and return your awareness to the feelings you hold for each other.

So, meditation influences your loving relationship! How does it work? First of all, it is necessary to understand that in order to develop a healthy and harmonious relationship, its members must be at peace with themselves. In addition, couple meditation can balance the relationship during tense times. It also brings a tune between the two that prevents conflict and provides more lightness to the relationship.

Couple meditation can bring many benefits to your relationship beyond those already gained through individual practice. Here are the main ones!

Resilience during Tough Times

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and in the midst of so many changes, it can be difficult to understand how the mind is working or what feelings are being experienced at any given moment. In the middle of a discussion or fight, for example, it is common to say things that later provoke regrets. Meditation acts in this context as a developmental tool. It helps the practitioner gain a greater perception about himself. Therefore, when his thoughts are racing, he will still have a real awareness of all the feelings and actions of that moment.

Improved Sexual Experience

By meditating, the mind learns to embrace physical sensations to its fullest, which is also vital to a good sexual experience. This is because by turning inward, the body becomes more receptive to the feelings it experiences inside and out. Another advantage of meditation for a loving relationship is that the practice teaches you to live the present moment, which is vital to alleviate anxiety. In such a goal-oriented society, it is common to worry too much about achieving a goal rather than relaxing the mind and focusing on the process needed to achieve it. With sex, it’s no different. At such times, living only the present moment makes a big difference, as the body will accept the delight of each moment. The problem is that this is usually a difficult task because the mind finds many distractions to worry about. Fortunately, meditating together can help dispel these kinds of thoughts and redirect your focus.

More Balance and Empathy

With constant meditation practice, you will be taught to observe your feelings and thoughts without classifying them as “good” or “bad”. From this task, a great transformation can happen, as you will be able to feel without judging. This change makes us more understanding and empathetic. The consequences of this for a loving relationship could not be better, as it stimulates patience and tolerance, balancing the connection within the couple. If one of the partners is not open to meditation, you can carry out the practices yourself by imagining the partner in front of you. 

Couples meditation is a fantastic way to get closer to your significant other on a more intimate level. Similar to couples therapy, it can work to fine tune the communication between two partners. When you meditate together you’ll not only connect on a deeper level but you’ll feel relaxed and regulated at the same time. Let’s go, start meditating with your partner!