Writing a Daily Journal: 10 Simple and Fun Ideas

Writing a Daily Journal: 10 Simple and Fun Ideas

Writing a Daily Journal: 10 Simple and Fun Ideas

Writing a daily journal can help clear your mind from negative thoughts; find out how to express your feelings when you’re at a loss for creativity!

As a writer myself, I sometimes find that keeping a daily journal can be a great idea of organizing ideas and thoughts. Writing can lead to wonderful creations; however, sometimes we just hit a wall and can’t go on. Encountering a writer’s block can lead to blank pages born from unproductivity, and even the simple task of writing a daily journal can prove to be a daunting task. Here are 10 things you can use as a prompt on which to base your creativity:

Inspirational Quotes

Can’t express motivation through your own words? Research out other people’s inspirational quotes, note them down, and comment on them. How do they make you feel? Reflect if they add wisdom to your life.

Answer a Question

Question journaling prompts are also great! If you don’t feel like collecting quotes, you can jot down small questions you ask yourself during the day on a piece of paper, just to keep track of them and answer them later. Develop your thoughts more than you would by giving yourself meaningful answers on your daily journal.


Overcoming Fear

Fears lie dormant in the back of our mind, and we often try and forget about them, living as if they do not exist. This sometimes works, up until the moment where we inevitably have to face them. Try and work on your fears without running away from them: attempt turning irrationality into something rational which can be expressed through words on a journal.

Express Gratitude

The good that goes on in our lives is very often left unnoticed. We like to focus on the negative, because that’s what impacts us the most. Turn that around: express gratitude for every act of goodness and kindness that you see happening around you.


Capture a Memory

It could be about an important circumstance that happened to you, or to someone you know. If nothing eventful happened on that day, turn on the news, and note how the major events impact you and how you feel.

Dream Journal

We all dream – the problem is remembering what we dreamed about! Try writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. Once you return in the evening, you’ll be amazed at the details you forgot during that same day. Take it a step further by analyzing why you had such dreams in the first place.

Food Journal

Works wonder if you are trying to lose weight, but can also be a great prompt to explore our relationship with food and the emotions that it evokes within us. Keep track of what and where you are eating thanks to a food journal!

Write a Letter

Express your feeling towards someone you don’t get to see often, or to who you can’t speak any longer. It can be a person that lives far from you, or someone that has passed away. Maybe you feel the need to speak to someone, but you don’t quite know how to organize your thoughts. Write a letter, and sort out your feelings!


Create a Mind Map

Have an overflow of ideas for a big project? Focus your thoughts with a mind map: brainstorm everything down on your journal, and look at everything more clearly from afar.


Draw Something

Don’t really feel like writing? Draw something instead! It can be a self portrait, your dream house, or the person you love. Use your pen to bring some positivity into your journal.

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