Writing Meditation: Amazing Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Writing Meditation: Amazing Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation is a wonderful experience, but not everybody can find meditating easy.

First of all, what is meditation? To understand how writing meditation can actually be useful, lets look more closely at what effects a normal meditation brings to your body and mind. Usually, it is a condition which a being enters consciously in order to promote relaxation, build life force or internal energy. Practitioners of the art of meditation develop deep feelings of compassion, love, generosity and forgiveness.

We have already seen how art therapy and the state of concentration one enters while he is drawing can create a state of mind that can be called similar to the meditative state. By focusing on the act of coloring, the mind is able to relax and shift the attention on the movement, without becoming identified with it. The same can be done with writing meditation, one of best meditation techniques for beginners that you can enjoy.

Writing is a form of meditation all of us can perform. Just sit down, grab a pen, and let your hand trace on paper whatever you have in mind. Let the stream of consciousness take form in the same way you would give it shape during a normal meditative state. Do not pose a word limit, or a total amount of pages you should write. Let your mind be lulled by the sounds of the paper scratching beneath your pen or pencil; watch as your hand neatly and slowly traces letter, words and phrases. This is in itself a form of art therapy, so you should enjoy every second of it by pouring your heart and spirit into what you write.

Slowly separate yourself from the action you are performing, and become mindful. Continue writing down your thoughts, but stay detached from your movements and from what your mind decides is important to you in that moment. Enjoy it, and when you are satisfied, end your writing meditation by leaving the pen. Keep on breathing slowly, and when you feel you are ready, rise slowly.

Easy, isn’t it? Try it for yourselves and let me know if you liked it. There are many other types of meditation for beginners I explore in the blog, so make sure to check them out!