Yoga Diet: What To Eat Before & After Yoga

Yoga Diet: What To Eat Before & After Yoga

Yoga Diet: What To Eat Before & After Yoga

Feel great from the inside out: eat healthy food before starting a workout, and make your body burn pure energy!

Extend your yoga practice to the table by applying healthy Ayurvedic principles to the food you eat. Keep your mind and body nourished by supplying it with the nutrients it needs; just stick this list of healthy pre workout food!

Foods to eat Before Yoga


Craving a healthy snack before exercise, but you don’t wanna risk feeling heavy or bloated during yoga? Try eating a handful of almonds! They provide you with vitamins, magnesium and healthy fats. Just try avoiding the salted kind at all costs: go for the raw ones instead!


Bananas are great: available all year round, healthy, and with their own natural food packaging. They are also rich in potassium, as well as magnesium, which helps reducing muscle pain.



Fatty, smooth, buttery. What’s not to like about avocado? Other than tasting amazing, this tropical fruit is the ultimate pre workout food you can add to your healthy diet: it is extremely easy to digest, and is filled with healthy fats that help fight off cholesterol!

Foods to eat After Yoga

Vegetable Soup

You just burned a lot of calories during your workout. You need calories, but you must go lightly on your body. A hot, hearty homemade soup works wonder to soothe your stomach and feel full after physical work.

Greet Tea

The combination of tea and yoga is a great stress buster! Get those antioxidants into your body, and let them circulate!

Fresh Salad

Not feeling like eating or drinking something hot? Crunch on a fresh homemade salad, and get some leafy greens in your system without feeling bloated.


I hope this list of healthy yoga diet foods gave you great ideas for snacks or meals next time you go for a workout! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, and check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog for more info on a New Age lifestyle!